Manuel Mall wrote:

1. The suppress-at-line-break property can be applied to all characters. I would take the position at the moment that explicit specification of the suppress-at-line-break property is not supported and we worry about it at a later stage. I would certainly argue against just supporting it in the context of nbsp.

Ok, it's better to take a step at a time!

2. When we discussed UAX#14 line breaking on this list last year Joerg pointed out that he had a table driven implementation for it. At the the time I took a look, liked it, and updated it for compliance to the lastest UAX#14 spec and then shelved it for integration into FOP. That is when we move determining line break opportunities to the LineLM level (which we discussed extensively before) we get UAX#14 linebreaking as part of it by integrating Joerg's implementation. As a consequence I recommend against putting any UAX#14 specific stuff at the lower levels (e.g. TextLM) now in the context of fixing the nbsp problem. It will disappear anyway and IMO is therefore not worth the effort.

Ok, so for the moment I'll avoid considering interaction between spaces, and just fix the character-by-character element creation, which is ready and should be enough to handle the most common situations.

This also solves another bug concerning a nbsp being removed when starting a line.

I'll make the commit in a few minutes


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