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Jeremias Maerki wrote:
Do you mean something like setOutputProperty(name, value) in the JAXP

No, rather something like setParam(name,value), but on the renderer.

Note that PDF encryption parameters are specific to a rendering run
while the character encoding is probably more of a
environmental/factory-level config value.

After some thinking, I'd say I mean a mechanism for setting or
overwriting configuration values from the command line.
Something like
  fop -fo -pdf foo.pdf -r noprint=yes -r filters=''
(oops, convoluted example), and the name/value pairs after the -r
switch would be passed to the renderer by whatever means, for example
by mangling the configuration or, as I tried to suggest, as a Properties

I'm bothered with having a very renderer specific data class in the
UserAgent, and no obvious way to pass command line values to the
BTW: encryption options like noprint should as well be configurable,
and there are arguments that even the user password for encryption
could benefit from being read from the XML configuration data.


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