Hi Jirí

Thanks for that. I've added your changes to the codebase: 

For such a small thing, we can let your contribution go through like
this. However, since there's a lot of manual work involved like this, we
request that you send the changes as a DIFF file (created through the
"svn diff" command) next time. The patch file should then be submitted
through Bugzilla. More info: 

On 16.02.2006 13:19:50 Jirí Mareš wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have developed the support for userconfig into the ANT tasks. It was very 
> easy and I have been inspired by the 
> org.apache.fop.cli.CommandLineOptions method createUserConfig.
> I don't know how to send you the sources therefore they are included in this 
> file.
> The changes are only in class FOPTaskStarter in file 
> org.apache.fop.tools.anttasks.Fop (I leave only the methods where 
> the changes are and the changes is marked by comments):

<snip what="pseudo-patch"/>

Jeremias Maerki

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