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Linefeed treatment and white space collapse are not performed on
fo:title. A test case to document this.

I think I see the problem WRT refinement white-space handling.

The XMLWhiteSpaceHandler uses as a basis the white-space related properties that govern the white-space handling of the surrounding block. In case of an fo:title, there is no surrounding block, so ... To make it even more fun, the properties in question do not apply to an fo:title. :-)

Now, by the time white-space handling is performed, if I judge correctly, the Title's PropertyList will no longer be available, so we can't even retrieve possible inherited values anymore.

Should we make Title a big exception here, and have it bind these properties to instance variables anyway (just like a Block does)?

Alternative solution: alter the XMLWhiteSpaceHandler, and the location where it is initialized with the related properties. If this latter step is moved to FObjMixed.bind(), we could pass it a reference to the PropertyList. So, even inherited values could be retrieved in case of an fo:title...



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