On Feb 28, 2006, at 08:34, Matthias Neubacher wrote:

I've read the thread on implementing the indefinite page-height feature. Did you succeed on this (Andreas, Walter)? I also would offer my help on implementing/testing it.
Sorry for the late reply. As I indicated earlier in this thread, I started working on it a while back, but lost my changes. Since then, I haven't really had the opportunity to work on it. My attention has been drawn to other details...

If you feel like diving into the related source code, but have no idea where to begin, just yell. I'd be glad to give some pointers. Be sure to read all messages in this thread, as a whole lot of what needs to be done was already pointed out earlier. In the end, I don't remember it being too difficult, apart from some bpd-ipd to height- width mappings... need to take care that the reference-orientation and writing-mode of the simple-page-master correspond to those specified on the regions. :-/



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