Hi guys,

    What do you want to do about this?
   Do we need to move these back for you or what?

   You might also consider tracking the svg11 branch in gump rather than 
This might make more sense in the near term anyway as likely if a release 
Batik were to happen in the near term there is a good chance it would be 
svg11 branch (really 'stable' at this point) rather than the trunk/svg12 
branch (new features).

Sam Ruby <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote on 04/01/2006 07:34:31 AM:

> Project xml-fop has an issue affecting its community integration.
> This issue affects 1 projects,
>  and has been outstanding for 21 runs.
> The current state of this project is 'Failed', with reason 'Build 
> For reference only, the following projects are affected by this:

> ---------------------------------------------
>     [javac] /x1/gump/public/workspace/xml-
> fop/src/java/org/apache/fop/image/PNGImage.java:57: cannot find symbol
>     [javac] symbol  : class PNGRed
>     [javac] location: class org.apache.fop.image.PNGImage
>     [javac]         PNGRed red = new PNGRed(stream, param); 

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