Dear Max,

results  of  our  work  (not the latest one, but still good enough for
publishing) is available from Now
I'm  waiting  for feedback from anyone of Apache FOP members on review
the  JEuclid code. At the moment, I have no idea whether some work has
been done in this regard.

Present status of our work (we still performing some regression tests,
but its 99% already done) is the following:
- we have merged JEuclid with FOP 0.20.5 (version available under
is based on one of the pre 0.20.4).
- we remove all references to AWT library, so now JEuclid is able to
work on "screenless" servers without XWindows configuration.
- support "badly" fonts (e.g. Arial Unicode MS, which we are enforced
to use for MathML rendering).
Due to last two issues we extended metric files with extended
information about symbol location within the glyph.

Plans for merging into 0.90 and later are not exists so far because we
do have to improve the following functionality of the FOP itself to
satisfy our needs (these features are done by us for FOP 0.20.5).
1. Support of embedded PDF's using itext library.
2. Support of the specific logging into files without any use of
console (from my point of view, this is absolutely dummy requirement
and we can use log4j, but I'm not in charge to modify it).
3. Support of Arial Unicode MS as TYPE1 font, and not as TYPE0 font.
4. Support of "phantom" attribute on page-sequence. To hide particular
pages in PDF result file but take them into account in page numbering.
5. Support both JDK 1.3 and 1.4. This requires us to integrate support
of SAXON parser for JDK 1.4 due to nasty bug in xalan shipped with JDK
1.4. However for JDK 1.3 we still have to keep support of xalan.
6. Improving text layout within the merged table cells for lists
(I'guess that for FOP 0.90 it is not the issue anymore).
7. Implement specific DTD lookup algorithm (e.g. search for DTD not
only in the XML location but also in current directory).

From one hand we would like to have the JEuclid integrated into FOP
ASAP, however, we cannot follow release schedule of the FOP due to
very major changes of FOP due to features above.

As  far  as  I understood Jeremias, he recommended us wait until FOray
will be integrated into main branch, but this work still not completed
(or even canceled???).

Concerning  licensing  issue.  We  have contacted the JEuclid original
publishers  and  got their permission to re-publish JEuclid to the AFL
license  as required for FOP integration. Internally, from our side we
got all the permissions to publish our work as well. We can commit all
necessary  statement as required by ASF once our work will be accepted
for publication.

Concerning your issues:
- I would say this is good idea to include jeuclid into xmlgraphics.
However, we need some FOP developers comments on the extended metric
file. Otherwise, output will be useless in producing paper-ready
- We already doing that, however only for the TIFF format. This can be
easily done by means of fo:external-graphics in the stylesheet (if I
understood your work right).
- This feature we are mostly interested in. At the moment this
implemented by means of xsl:copy-of due to misinterpretation of
character entities in xsl:copy implementation.

You are absolutely free to re-use our results in any way under terms
of AFL.

Best regards,

Saturday, April 29, 2006, 10:33:17 PM, you wrote:

MB> Dear Gennady,
MB> Dear developers,

MB> I've just recently played around with mathml and tried to include  
MB> that in my fop documents. I've found several tools, and among others  
MB> "jeuclid". jeuclid is very complete, it is just missing a few adapter
MB> classes. I've written a small one to convert mml to svg and it works  
MB> just fine.

MB> I've then found out that there was work done merging jeuclid into  
MB> fop / xmlgraphics. What is the current status of this? What are the   
MB> license / technical issues? Is this desired at all?

MB> Here  is what I would like to see:
MB> - include jeuclid in xmlgraphics
MB> - add code to fop to support the inclusion of "mml" documents as  
MB> external images.
MB> - add code to fop to support mml embedded within fo documents

MB> i would be willing to provide the first two items, if it is legal to  
MB> do so...

MB> Max

Best regards,
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