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Simon Pepping a écrit :
I have one small comment on your decomposition of the line breaking

  * defining a somewhat arbitrary formula used to compute the demerit of each 
break, and which is to be minimized;

I find the above second item in this list a bit misplaced. It is part
of the definition of the algorithm rather than its actions.

You're right. What I wanted to do is extract the three most important
aspects which IMO characterize the algorithm. I've rephrased the text to
make it clearer.

Regarding the last list, I am not sure what you mean by 'a floating
sequence of g/b/p items'. A subsequence whose position in the large
sequence is floating?

Exactly. This subsequence represents before-floats and footnotes.
Footnotes are a bit more constrained as they should appear (at least
partly) on the same page as the footnote-citation.

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