On Jun 8, 2006, at 16:40, Will Peterson wrote:

Hi Will,

Quick question,

I am going to customize FOP to suppress the RTF gif image exception when rendering documents. (i.e. org.apache.fop.render.rtf.rtflib.rtfdoc.RtfExternalGraphic $ExternalGraphicException: The tag <fo:external-graphic> does not support gif - image type.)

Would it be recommended to recompile the whole fop.jar, or should I just customize the one class (RtfExternalGraphic) and include it on the class path. Any suggestions here.

In theory, the following should work:

1° download the FOP sources, modify that one class, then 'ant compile'
2° in the build directory, look for the .class file in question
3° replace the file in the fop.jar you already have with the freshly compiled one

Then again, I'm wondering why I would do this... but it might be handy if you need to minimize the hassle of maintaining a customized FOP version :/ As for myself, I'd probably just modify the source file, run 'ant package', and replace the whole fop.jar.

If you have any interest in extending your customization to be a configurable RTFRenderer-specific option, patches are welcome ;)



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