Thanks Vincent,

I'll attempt the patch for now. I don't really understand how fonts work, but 
if you need help testing then I'll be happy to help.



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Hi Karl,

I'm afraid you will have to try to use the patch, if you want a quick solution. 
FOrayFont integration shouldn't be expected before a couple of months. There 
are still some changes to perform to meet Fop's requirements, then some 
debugging, and then the adaptation to Fop may be restarted. Unfortunately I can 
allocate only very little resource to this task.


Karl Roberts a écrit :
> Hi,
> This is a quesstion for Vincent Hennebert, as I believe, from 
> responses Jeremias has given me, you are working on this with the 
> FOray project to fix this.
> Do you know how close this is to being resolved, or should I go ahead 
> and use the Patch supplied by Adam Strzelecki?
> Thanks for any insight.
> Cheers
> Karl Roberts
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