Jeremias Maerki schrieb:

> I've been approached by Arje Cahn during ApacheCon. He invited me to the
> yearly Cocoon GetTogether which (I think) will be in the week before
> ApacheCon US in November. I assume this will be in Amsterdam again. I'm
> thinking about going and maybe talking about FOP. There will also be a
> two-day hackathon and since we have at least two committers from the
> Netherlands/Belgium region it might be a good idea to join them and do
> our own FOP hackathon there. Could be a good opportunity for a
> face-to-face. Will also be a lot cheaper than ApacheCon. :-)

I don't think that travel/accomodation will be much cheaper but it
should be easier to travel to Amsterdam (by train or even by car instead
of plane) than to Dublin (at least for me ;-).

Anyway, I think it's a great idea and i'll certainly try to be there.


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