On Aug 10, 2006, at 20:10, Andreas L Delmelle wrote:

(continuing on dev, since this is becoming less-and-less user- related :))

I was just wondering what the correct output would be if:

<!-- content here -->
<fo:block break-after="page" />
<fo:block break-before="page" />
<!-- and content here -->

Empty pages in between? If so, how many?

FWIW: I think the answer is no empty pages. The break-after has consequences only for possible content following the second fo:block, the break-before has no effect because the second fo:block does not generate any areas itself. Just one forced page-break, due to the break-after.

This made me wonder: the above could be normalized by removing those two nodes and setting a break-before on the possibly following fo:block (if it does not already have break-before specified). Normalizations like this could prove to be yet another possibility to release FOs or Properties sooner (before layout is even triggered).

Not that it would occur that often, but maybe there are other such constructs that occur more frequently (?)



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