Thanks Andreas. 

It's not a problem with the style sheet. MS Word creates the empty list.
Following is Microsoft's description of the listpr element. It doesn't
explicitly address empty lists. Therefore, I think my proposed
modification is reasonable. I'll read up on the FOP website about how to
submit code changes for consideration and see what happens. 

Thanks, Gary


In WordprocessingML, lists are a series of paragraphs that have a list
style applied to them, with each item in the list in a separate
paragraph. What distinguishes a "list paragraph" from an ordinary
paragraph is the presence of a listPr element in the pPr element in the
paragraph. The listPr element specifies the list style to be used with
the paragraph's content and the level of the list. Here is a sample of a
list with two items, which are represented by the two paragraphs with
listPr elements:

         <w:ilvl w:val="0" /> 
         <w:ilfo w:val="1" /> 
      <w:t>Item 1</w:t> 
         <w:ilvl w:val="0" /> 
         <w:ilfo w:val="1" /> 
      <w:t>Item 2</w:t> 

Only two elements can appear inside the listPr element:

    * ilvl: The list's level number. This number is incremented as lists
are nested within lists.
    * ilfo: The list style to use. This number must refer to a list
style defined in the lists element. 

Gary Reed
Horizon Anatomic Pathology Development 
McKesson Provider Technologies 
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> To get around this I modified the endOfNode() method in 
> to only throw this 
> exception if strict validation is configured:
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> Does anyone see a problem with this?

Not an immediate problem, but then again, if the stylesheet produces
invalid FO, then it would probably be wiser, in the long term, to submit
a patch to Microsoft's XSL...




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