On Aug 16, 2006, at 00:49, Reed, Gary wrote:

Thanks Andreas.

It's not a problem with the style sheet. MS Word creates the empty list.

Yes it is :)
If it is producing list-item-labels without content --at least an empty block would suffice-- then the stylesheet should be altered. It is resulting in FO that does not adhere to the rules in the XSL-FO Rec, so it would be more reasonable to change the stylesheet.

Either it should create an 'empty' list-item, with both label and body at least containing an empty block, or it should not create a list-item at all.

Following is Microsoft's description of the listpr element. It doesn't
explicitly address empty lists. Therefore, I think my proposed
modification is reasonable. I'll read up on the FOP website about how to
submit code changes for consideration and see what happens.

Hmm... We already allow table-bodies without child-nodes if strict validation is turned off, so might as well add this. Not too much harm, I guess.

But again, strictly speaking, it's the stylesheet that is in error here and should be fixed.



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