Ok, I'll need a couple of additional days to finish this work.

Between a research paper and the actual code there is quite a gap...
I had some hard time trying to find a proper design, dealing with
special cases while factorizing the common code. In particular, deciding
how to handle too-short/too-long nodes and the recovery mechanism wasn't

I'll be offline tonight and tomorrow, but I hope to have the patch ready
for next sunday or monday.


Hi all,

The GSoC is over :-(

I wanted to submit a patch containing a full implementation of
before-floats before the end of the GSoC, but it turns out that this
was more difficult than expected. Currently there are plenty of bugs,
no line of javadoc, no comment, much cleanup to do, etc. But right now
I'm unable to do anything but going to bed. Perhaps more in a few


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