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Rough sketch:
Page-breaking initializes first, and prefetches say five blank pages.
From these it constructs one long context, call it one big page -- or better: one region-body--, with ipd changes at a known set of coordinates.

This context is then passed to the FlowLM, and further down. If the LineLM is aware of its bp-coordinate, the LineBreaker will know about changes in ipd, but it does not need to know that it is a page-break, which it isn't at this point.

Thinking this through again:
If this approach is feasible, then this would mean that line-breaking does not need to be made restartable to deal with ipd-changes between pages. Only suspendible, which it already is.

Exception for the last page: while the ipd change for the last page could always be included in the context, the line-breaking still needs to be made aware at which coordinate this change will occur. It will be one of the known coordinates, but it cannot be said precisely which one. Even if the interaction between line- and page-breaking can be kept to a minimum, I think the line-breaker still would have to check somehow at each of the known bp-coordinates how much content is remaining, in order to predict the last ipd change.



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