Vincent Hennebert, Simon Pepping, Bertrand Delacrétaz and I sit together
here at the Cocoon GetTogether discussing all sorts of things about FOP.
Topics so far were: letting line and page breaking interact for more
layout functionality, general discussions about the Knuth-based layout
approach including Simon's generalized approach, the font system
(ToUnicode CMAPs, OpenType support, FOrayFont...), page-number-citations,
minimum JDK requirements, the next FOP release, etc. etc.

No decisions, of course, just exchanging information, finding out stuff...

Yesterday, Lars Trieloff and I have implemented a new Cocoon Block for
FOP 0.92beta and later. The patch has already been committed to the
Cocoon 2.2.x repo. It was nice to see how the new API paid off, reducing
the number of lines necessary for the integration and adding support for
URI resolution which was a huge problem for Cocoon with FOP 0.20.5.

Generally, this event is a great opportunity to get to know each other
and to discuss in a different way. Big thanks to the Cocoon community
for letting us take part in their event. The location and food is very
good and we enjoy this very much. It would have been cool to have even
more team members here.

Some photos from the event (more photos being added as the event

Jeremias Maerki
from Amsterdam, NL

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