Hi all,

I'm desperately trying to fix the page-number-citation justify alignment bug
as we came across it late in development of our product and the release date
is end of October! I'm new to Fop development and am kind of lost at the
moment. Has anyone worked on this problem and have any pointers? Am I
mailing the correct list (or is there a bugzilla type thing where people can
discuss this problem in particular)?

My understanding so far:

Fop reads in the fo source and creates an area tree from it.
Whilst the area tree is being created,
parentLM) is used to generate InlineAreas. In this method, if the page
number is known, a TextArea is returned with the proper number, otherwise an
UnresolvedPageNumber containing the string "MMM" is returned
(UnresolvedPageNumber is a TextArea subclass).
More processing happens, all layout adjustments are made (I think this
happens in AbstractBreaker.doLayout())
Towards the end of creating the area tree, page-number-citations are
resolved through AreaTreeHandler.tryIDResolution()

Hence, the page numbers were "MMM" when all the layout was being done, but
are later changed to the correct number without any further layout change.

The problem seems to be that as the area tree is being created, a page is
laid out after each one is created, when really, the layout should come at
the end after all pages (and hence page-number-citation references) are

Don't know how correct I am with this but any opinions / corrections / help
would be very gratefully received.


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