Thanks for the help. As a temporary nasty hack I have simply done the
following in UnresolvedPageNumber.resolveIDRef(String id, List pages):

String pg = page.getPageNumberString(); // original code, nasty hack follows

// pad out the word in the text area to be 
final int ESTIMATED_RESERVE = "MMM".length();
for (int i = 0; i < ESTIMATED_RESERVE - pg.length(); i++)
   // adding a double space which hopefully is the same as the letter "M"
   addWord("  ",0);

addWord(pg, 0); // back to original code again

In my particular use case, this works, but I'll be looking at the proper
solutions and trying to implement them as well. Although I get the feeling
I'm going to be knee deep in XSL-FO spec before I work it out. If I manage a
real solution I'll be certain to post back here.
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