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           My name is Kalpesh A. Jain. Currently working as Software Developer in Network Solution Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India.

                        In FOP latest version (i.e., 0.20.5), Writing-mode-related Properties doest not support. I want to display text in vertical format in PDF through java how? Any other solution to display. Please help me out.

                        The code is in xsl as:

                                    <fo:table-cell padding='1px' number-rows-spanned='1' number-columns-spanned='1' text-align='center' border='0.5pt solid black' color='black' background-color='#98B1C4' writing-mode='tb-rl' glyph-orientation-vertical='-90' direction='rtl'>




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Kalpesh A. Jain

Network Solutions Pvt. Ltd. - An IBM Company.




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