Jeremias Maerki a écrit :
> Another of my travel projects checked in: I wanted to know how easy it
> is to load fonts without the XML metrics file. As you can see from the
> amount of code, it was rather easy. Makes me wonder why we didn't do it
> earlier. :-)

Nice work, Jeremias. Well, definitely an additional point for "FOPFont".

> Please note that the existing functionality is still fully there. The
> only change is that you can simply now omit the metrics-url attribute in
> the font configuration and the font will still load. What you lose in
> this case is the ability to manually tweak the XML metrics file or to
> specify WinAnsi encoding for TrueType fonts. Furthermore, you currently
> don't have control over TrueType Collections. The WinAnsi feature should
> not be necessary anymore now that we have ToUnicode CMaps. The
> Collection feature is easily added again through an additional attribute
> in the font configuration.

... and I don't see why one would need to tweak the metrics of a font?

> I'd be grateful if anyone could test what happens if you load a Type 1
> fonts on a Unix where the PFM file has an uppercase extension, e.g.
> "FUTURA.PFM". I have to construct the URI to the PFM manually from the
> PFB and use a lowercase extension (".pfm"). Maybe we have to improve
> that to check with upper- and lowercase to account for case sensitive
> file systems.

This fails. IMO the safest solution is to require that the name of the
pfm file is specified in the config file. All the more so it should also
be possible to give an afm file instead of a pfm one (BTW, Fop can't
read afm files, can it? Because FOrayFont can...).

If this is ok for you I'll implement these changes. Oh, or perhaps wait
that a final decision about FOrayFont is made.


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