> Jeremias Maerki a écrit :
>> I'd be grateful if anyone could test what happens if you load a Type 1
>> fonts on a Unix where the PFM file has an uppercase extension, e.g.
>> "FUTURA.PFM". I have to construct the URI to the PFM manually from the
>> PFB and use a lowercase extension (".pfm"). Maybe we have to improve
>> that to check with upper- and lowercase to account for case sensitive
>> file systems.
> This fails. IMO the safest solution is to require that the name of the
> pfm file is specified in the config file. All the more so it should also
> be possible to give an afm file instead of a pfm one (BTW, Fop can't
> read afm files, can it? Because FOrayFont can...).

Make that optional, if the pfm file name deviates from the normal pattern.


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