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Sorry for not getting back sooner.
WRT the question about code conventions:
Don't really know if there are any, but I'd personally put public static inner classes before instance members.
I guess I'd put them after the static member variables.



Andreas L Delmelle writes:
All the property
classes are supposed to be immutable even though some of them
aren't and
none of them use final members. Is this all correct so far?

True, and this could be much improved, I'd say...

OK. I'll take a look at it. Whilst I'm at it I'll try and standardize
some of the structure. What's the correct coding convention for
ordering inner classes relative to members?

AFAIU, way back when, the situation was far worse than it is now:
Instead of having members for only the applicable properties
described in the XSL-FO Rec., each FONode used to have one
PropertyList as an instance member.


Seems like a fine idea. The Makers will then become responsible for
checking whether an identical Property was already instantiated
earlier, and create a new one only if there wasn't.



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