As discussed recently, I will prepare a release of FOP, to be named

Two issues need to be addressed:

1. I will apply two patches by Richard Wheeldon, to improve memory

Bug, with

en bug, with

I will have to study the first patch, as I have not looked at it, and
the bugzilla page contains nobody's comments. I will only apply the
patch if it seems certain that it breaks nothing.

I have studied and commented the second patch, as has Andreas, and I
believe it can be safely applied before the release.

Applying these patches allows us to present a production version whose
memory usage has been trimmed somewhat.

2. With this release it is possible to use the original font metrics,
   without generating a special metrics file for FOP.

There is no entry for this in the changes file, and there is no
documentation on the website. It is important enough to clarify with
the release. I will try to add some text to the changes file and
perhaps something to the documentation. As I am not familiar with this
material, if someone else can do a better job, please do.

After these changes I will create a branch.

Manuel, can you hold your changes until the branch has been created?

Please, let me know if you have different ideas.

Regards, Simon

Simon Pepping
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