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Hi Simon,

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Uncertain status. The linked bug is resolved, but the description does
not match the description of the bug:
Omitting fo:table-column or having fo:table-column without a column-width
      and attempting to create columns implicitly from the first
table row is not implemented, yet (<a href="http:// issues.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=35656">Bugzilla #35656</ a>).

As far as I can see, the testcases that I enabled with the patch solving the bug indicate that the described issue basically has been resolved:

table_table-layout_fixed_2.xml shows that FOP correctly handles columns in case none were specified

table-column_first-row-width does the same for the column-widths

OTOH, these testcases are *very* basic, namely: only test behaviour in case there is no spanning going on... I'll see if I can add some checks for creating columns off of cells spanning multiple columns, although I'm not entirely sure what the behaviour should be:

    <fo:table-cell starts-row="true"
         width="20mm" number-columns-spanned="2">

Should we create two implicit columns, and distribute the width evenly?

Currently in the code (TableBody.java), two implicit columns are created, but the cell's width is not yet automatically distributed. The latter happens only if the cell spans only one column (no distribution, but simple one-on-one transfer).



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