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Hi Simon,

Seems my response to your post yesterday didn't make it to the list for some reason...

Anyway, this known issue

+      <known-issue>
+ Omitting fo:table-column or having fo:table-column without a column-width
+        and attempting to create columns implicitly from the first
+ table row is not implemented, yet (<a href="http:// issues.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=35656">Bugzilla #35656</ a>).
+      </known-issue>

as Jeremias confirmed, has been resolved, for the largest part... The testcases that were enabled with the patch solving the bug are only basic. AFAICT, currently there is one tiny hole in the code:

<fo:table-cell starts-row="true" width="25mm" number-columns- spanned="2">

The current code creates two implicit columns, but does not distribute the cell width yet. The cell width is only used in case the cell spans only one column.



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