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>Andreas L Delmelle wrote:
>> Maybe there's a possibility to re-use the existing CharIterators in the
>> fo package?
>I'd think so.
>The problem Manuel faces blocked me too from implementing UAX14,
>because I wanted to avoid another pass using a CharIterator over
>the text, similar to how whitespace handling was implemented then.
>Unfortunately I lost track how whitespace normalization and
>collapsing is handled now.

Those are currently largely handled long before the UAX14 implementation kicks 
in. Refinement white-space handling is dealt with before any TextLayoutManager 
is instantiated, so operates purely on the FOTree.

> Perhaps setting break marks can be
> folded into the whitespace handling loop.

That's certainly a possibility. FTM, to deal with Manuel's particular problem, 
it may even suffice to add such break-marks only on FO boundaries (so as to 
avoid that the TextLM needs to look ahead (or back) at the next (or previous) 



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