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In FONode, it say:

    //TODO Remove getLogger() method!

Yet everywhere around the code base it says foo.getLogger(),
in particular for FObj instances. What is the preferred way
to aquire a logger instance?

log is a protected static, so if the class resides in the same package, then you can use direct member access. Currently, in some places, the properties seem to be routing the message to the FO's logger, instead of using Property.log directly... and now that you mention it, what strikes me as utterly absurd are the occurrences where getLogger() is used *to access the FObj logger from within an FObj*! 8-O ... Let me re-phrase: use an instance method to access a protected static member of the superclass. That's a good one! :-) Well, who knows, maybe today's JVMs do inline instance methods if called by the instance itself. ;-)

Don't worry, already cleaning up.



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