Vincent Hennebert wrote:


It may be worth clarifying which version of XSL-FO we officially
support, now that 1.1 has reached the status of a recommendation. I
guess we can now take it as a reference, since it clears some
uncertainties of the 1.0 version. I've just noticed that I'm myself
still looking at the 1.0 copy whenever I want to check something.

So from now on, if we say "that's what is written in the nth paragraph
of section blah blah", do we all agree that we have the 1.1 version in
mind? Any objection?

I agree, we should all be working from the 1.1 version now. As you already mentioned the 1.1 spec clarifies some ambiguous parts of the 1.0 spec. Although there still remain some confusing aspects in 1.1 too!


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