On Mar 8, 2007, at 18:29, Vincent Hennebert wrote:

thanks for your inputs. That strengthens a bit the picture I have in
mind. I'm wondering if the following makes any sense:

We would have a list of page-level Knuth elements; some of those
elements would be wrapper around line-level Knuth elements. Almost every
element would contain a Position pointing to the LayoutManager that
generated the element. Special elements created to achieve various
effects (say, text-centering), would contain null Positions.

The breaking algorithm would break the list of Knuth elements into
chunks representing lines/pages. From that we would iterate over the
non-null Positions, and for each one call
position.getLM().addArea(position). That is, the position would notify
its LM that its corresponding areas must be added.

For page-level elements wrapping line-level elements, we would also
iterate over the wrapped inline Positions.

Now, does that picture represent the current code?

For the largest part, yes, I think so.
The only difference is the addArea() part, which currently goes top- down. It is not the Position that notifies its LM that the areas must be added, but the LM that iterates over the Positions and adds their corresponding areas.



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