On Mar 10, 2007, at 15:34, Vincent Hennebert wrote:

Thomas Zastrow a écrit :
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But I haven't a directory called "gensrc"? I downloaded the SVN- version
just minutes ago.

This directory contains source files automatically generated during the
build process. To create it you have to run
    ant codegen
in the root directory of FOP.

FWIW, the XML sources of these generated files hardly ever change, so I think we may even consider replacing these with pregenerated java classes...?

It always seems to confuse people who are interested in contributing code. Then, once you start wondering why these need to be generated and cannot simply be added as java sources, you'll quickly realize there is no good reason for that. Replacing maintenance of 15 classes with maintaining 2 stylesheets and 15 XML source files hardly seems worth the trouble... :/



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