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I'm the author of the AFPRenderer at http://afp- renderer.sourceforge.net/ which was ported across to fop-0.93 by Manuel Mall. It's great to see if emerge in the 0.93 release thanks for everyone's effort in getting this out
and for including the AFP renderer.

Well, a Big Thanks to /you/ for allowing FOP to incorporate it in the first place! :)

I have been working on an enhancement to support the AFP BCOCA
(BarCodeObjectContentArchitecture) and wanted to gauge your opinion on
whether I can get this patch applied to the development, it's a few weeks off completion at the moment. I'm aware that Barcode4J provide very good
barcode support, however the project I'm working on involves very high
volume outsourced printing and hence even the overhead of a 6kb image means that this would not be feasible. For background, AFP is a very efficient print stream format. Static resources (fonts, overlays, etc.) are only transmitted once, with the result that a full page of text can be typically
about 1-2K kb. The advantage of using BCOCA is that the barcode is
transmitted as very small dataset.

This definitely seems like a worthwhile addition to me. I don't see how we could refuse the offer, even with Jeremias being the author of Barcode4J... It does not seem like a collision of interests.

I have only one question (just out of curiosity):
Are you also implementing a FOP extension element (especially for use with the AFPRenderer), or on what basis are your barcodes rendered?



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