Hi Pete

Good to see you back here again. I wondered about the AFP Barcode stuff
myself. It makes perfect sense to make use of BCOCA. I'm aware of its
presence but haven't looked into the details. If a plugin for Barcode4J
could be created that automatically generates the optimal representation,
I don't know but it would obviously be optimal. But I don't think it
would be bad if you did it in a proprietary way (as an AFP extension
element) for the AFP renderer.

Looking forward to seeing a patch!

On 12.03.2007 17:14:12 Townsend, Pete wrote:
> Dear fop-dev,
> I'm the author of the AFPRenderer at http://afp-renderer.sourceforge.net/
> which was ported across to fop-0.93 by Manuel Mall. It's great to see if
> emerge in the 0.93 release thanks for everyone's effort in getting this out
> and for including the AFP renderer.
> I have been working on an enhancement to support the AFP BCOCA
> (BarCodeObjectContentArchitecture) and wanted to gauge your opinion on
> whether I can get this patch applied to the development, it's a few weeks
> off completion at the moment. I'm aware that Barcode4J provide very good
> barcode support, however the project I'm working on involves very high
> volume outsourced printing and hence even the overhead of a 6kb image means
> that this would not be feasible. For background, AFP is a very efficient
> print stream format.  Static resources (fonts, overlays, etc.) are only
> transmitted once, with the result that a full page of text can be typically
> about 1-2K kb. The advantage of using BCOCA is that the barcode is
> transmitted as very small dataset.
> Many thanks, Pete Townsend

Jeremias Maerki

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