[Moving to fop-dev as we're going to speak about implementation details]

Andrejus Chaliapinas a écrit :
> Hi Jeremias,
>> I've just checked since I was curious. It's already in 0.90. Seems to
>> have to do with font metrics. Take a look at the Area Tree XML. The
>> label has a BPD of 18936 while the body has 14400. Symbol has an
>> ascender of 1010 while Helvetica has 718.
>> Smells like a need for implementing relative-align="baseline" to me.
>> Jeremias Maerki
> Would it be hard to fix? Should I try that myself (hmm, not so easy) or
> someone else could take a look on that?

In theory no; in practice...
I'm not familiar with the inline part of the layout code, but as I've
been having this idea in the head for some time, I thought I might use
this opportunity to explain it. Inline specialists, please correct me if
I'm wrong.

AFAIK there is no information about the distance of the baseline from
the before-edge of an area. A quick small picture:

------------------------   <-- before-edge of the area
|                      |
| First line of text.  |   <-- "base-line" of the area
| Second line of text. |       (= baseline of the first line)
|                      |
|                      |
|                      |

If we had that information for each area, then this would be easy to
implement relative-align I think.

That would imply to change almost every LayoutManager to
compute/transfer this information. Quite a bit of work.

Andrejus, if you want to give it a try, you're welcome ;-) We would be
glad to help you find your way in the code. But, granted, that's perhaps
not the easiest way to get involved into FOP's development.

What do others think?

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