CSS doesn't have the last word here. See the definition for the 'left' property 
(XSL-FO 1.1 - §7.6.5) all the way at the bottom. In XSL, these are interpreted 
relative to the prevailing coördinate system. Not to the containing block as in 
CSS, but to the nearest ancestor reference area.

I'd think a similar substitution holds for the definition of a <percentage> value a bit 
higher up, so that "the offset is a percentage of the /nearest ancestor reference area/'s 


AFAICT, I don't think you've got everything nailed down here. As Vincent already mentioned the ancestor reference area could change depending on the value of abolute-position property. So can you clarify exactly how you intend to resolve the % for top and left for all values of absolute-position property of BC? Thanks,


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