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>AFAICT, I don't think you've got everything nailed down here. As Vincent
>already mentioned the ancestor reference area could change depending on 
>the value of abolute-position property. So can you clarify exactly how
>you intend to resolve the % for top and left for all values of
>absolute-position property of BC? Thanks,

Hmm, I don't completely agree with Vincent's assessment...

-> The area's position (and possibly size) is specified with the "left", 
"right", "top", and "bottom" properties. These properties specify offsets with 
respect to the area's nearest ancestor reference area.

-> The area's position is calculated according to the "absolute" model...

Whatever follows in that second definition is irrelevant wrt determining the 
base for percentage values to compute the initial offset (or IOW: determining 
which is the nearest ancestor reference area)

Leaves my original question:
What I'm still not sure about is:
"Absolutely positioned areas are taken out of the normal flow."
Does that mean that percentages on any block-container with position="absolute" 
should always be based on the containing page?

Any other (dissenting) thoughts?



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