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Hi Max

Now the second issue (and this requires further investigation first, so it will be for post-0.94) is that the "image" should have access to its surrounding context, in particular attributes like foreground-color, font-size, etc.. This is of lower priority, as these can be set explicitly within MathML context.

How do you mean this precisely? Currently, MathML is used in the context of an fo:instream-foreign-object or fo:external-graphic, correct?

Isn't it already possible then, for the extension object to get a reference to its parent or grandparent node in the document and get the properties from there?

Admitted, with the current state of property access --through specific accessors on the FONode subclasses-- this could turn out to be a bit cumbersome, as you would first have to test whether it's a Block, Inline... then explicitly cast it to the right type, and use the public accessors to get the desired information (?)

For the information that is available on instream-foreign-object or external-graphic itself, like background-color, your root extension element could do something like:

((AbstractGraphics) getParent()).getCommonBorderPaddingBackground ().backgroundColor;



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