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Apologies, but bugs in FOP 0.20.5 will no longer be fixed. Please try FOP 0.93 or the Trunk, and see if the problem persists there.

Hi Andreas,

I notice you closing a few 0.20.5 bugs and completely agree that we shouldn't be spending time looking at these issues any more. The trouble is people keep using 0.20.5 and raising bugs against it because our website gives the impressive 0.20.5 is still a supported product, an alternative to 0.93 rather than 0.93 being a replacement for 0.20.5. The is confirmed by the fact the website has separate tabs for 0.20.5 and 0.93.

If we are serious about no longer supporting 0.20.5, which I think we should be after nearly 2 years of 0.9x releases then I think we should seriously consider refactoring the website slightly to get the point across. Indeed to save us the bother of continually closing bugs against 0.20.5 with WONTFIX, we could remove all 0.20.x entries from the bugzilla version list ;)

In terms of refactoring the website I think the tab titled 0.20.5 should contain the page how to upgrade from previous versions, instead of documentation on how to configure 0.20.5 etc. Then it is totally clear that 0.20.5 is no longer a supported product and if folk choose to continue to use it then they must support it themselves instead of bombarding us with problems with relating to it.

I am not so sure if 0.20.5 should be removed from the compliance page yet but we should also consider removing the binaries from the download area. That will discourage any new users starting to use it instead of the active 0.9x release, which they may well do in error at the moment because of the website showing 0.20.5 and 0.93 side by side.



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