Hi Chris,

I fully agree with you. Moreover I think the website refactoring should
be done when releasing FOP 0.94, and that's where I call for help. We
would remove the 0.20.5 tab and replace it with a "upgrading from
earlier versions" section.
Once 0.94 is out we would remove the 0.20.5 entry from Bugzilla.
As to the conformance page, I think we could remove the 0.20.5 column as
well. When I have a look at it it gives me the feeling that 0.93 isn't
that life-changing compared to 0.20.5, whereas I think it is...


Chris Bowditch a écrit :
>> ------- Additional Comments From [EMAIL PROTECTED]  2007-07-10
>> 09:34 -------
>> Apologies, but bugs in FOP 0.20.5 will no longer be fixed. Please try
>> FOP 0.93 or the Trunk, and see if the problem persists there.
> Hi Andreas,
> I notice you closing a few 0.20.5 bugs and completely agree that we
> shouldn't be spending time looking at these issues any more. The trouble
> is people keep using 0.20.5 and raising bugs against it because our
> website gives the impressive 0.20.5 is still a supported product, an
> alternative to 0.93 rather than 0.93 being a replacement for 0.20.5. The
> is confirmed by the fact the website has separate tabs for 0.20.5 and 0.93.
> If we are serious about no longer supporting 0.20.5, which I think we
> should be after nearly 2 years of 0.9x releases then I think we should
> seriously consider refactoring the website slightly to get the point
> across. Indeed to save us the bother of continually closing bugs against
> 0.20.5 with WONTFIX, we could remove all 0.20.x entries from the
> bugzilla version list ;)
> In terms of refactoring the website I think the tab titled 0.20.5 should
> contain the page how to upgrade from previous versions, instead of
> documentation on how to configure 0.20.5 etc. Then it is totally clear
> that 0.20.5 is no longer a supported product and if folk choose to
> continue to use it then they must support it themselves instead of
> bombarding us with problems with relating to it.
> I am not so sure if 0.20.5 should be removed from the compliance page
> yet but we should also consider removing the binaries from the download
> area. That will discourage any new users starting to use it instead of
> the active 0.9x release, which they may well do in error at the moment
> because of the website showing 0.20.5 and 0.93 side by side.
> Chris

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