Hi Andreas,

Andreas L Delmelle a écrit :
> On Jul 14, 2007, at 15:59, Vincent Hennebert wrote:
> Vincent
>> Andreas L Delmelle a écrit :
>>> Tested locally, and is OK here. If you'd like, I can run a sanity diff
>>> later tonight, and commit the changes sometime tomorrow.
>> Thanks, Andreas. We should perhaps just wait a couple of days, just to
>> be sure everybody's ok with that?
> Concerning these javadoc changes I'm going to commit tomorrow
> (Wednesday) evening:
> Do I apply the changes to the release branch, to the trunk or both?

Only the trunk. They are not functional changes so don't need to figure
in the 0.94 release. Only (urgent) bug corrections should be merged in
the branch now.

BTW, the proper use of inheritDoc seems to be like the following:
    /** [EMAIL PROTECTED] */
    public void someMethod()
and not
    /** @inheritDoc SuperClass#someMethod() */
    public void someMethod()
Javadoc doesn't seem to be troubled by the latter and gives the same
result, but Eclipse only displays "SuperClass#someMethod()" in the
tooltip in this case. Not really an improvement :-(

Can you check this?

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