On 19.07.2007 00:36:40 Andreas L Delmelle wrote:
> > It may make more sense to have a
> > FlyWeightFactory (per object) per rendering run. Somebody (don't
> > remember who, sorry) wrote that FOP cannot bring the CPU to 100%,
> > probably due to synchronization issues. Could be worth investigating
> > since this would mean we give away CPU cicles here.
> Could indeed be interesting to know if it's really the  
> synchronization or other aspects of FOP's architecture that would be  
> the cause of that. Using statics and the above utility method of  
> course makes performance greatly dependent on the cleverness of the  
> JVM implementation.
> Other than that, /if/ any synchronization should be performed, then  
> it would seem better to do so on the lower level: with the original  
> patch, multiple calls to the fetch() method would be prevented from  
> being executed concurrently, even if none of them altered the  
> underlying Map.

In that context, I've recently started reading
which is a very enlightening book. I can only recommend it. 


Jeremias Maerki

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