Thanks for the the info,

Yes I found the same tip by googling around also.  Didn´t quite work for me
though, I deleted the .svn/wcprops file and then tried updating and it
didn´t rebuild the cache file.  I isolated the problem to one subversion
directory so ended up just checking out that one folder again and copying my
files across to get it working again, was pretty annoying though.. it seems
subversion is far from perfect :-[


On 23/07/07, Andreas L Delmelle <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

On Jul 23, 2007, at 15:37, Vincent Hennebert wrote:

> Adrian Cumiskey a écrit :
>> Hi all,
>> I realise this isn't a FOP question but when I try to update my trunk
>> sandbox with subversion I get "svn: Delta source ended unexpectedly".
>> Does anyone else experiencing this problem?
>> svn up -N (non-recursive update works fine)
>> and so does a fresh checkout of
>> svn co
>> but plain old
>> svn up
>> doesn't work for me anymore.  This has never happened before so I was
>> wondering if some of the branching work may have affected things.
> I don't know what is going on, but by searching on Google it seems
> you're not alone to have encountered the problem. Maybe you will
> find an
> answer on one of the links. Otherwise I'm afraid you will have to go
> with a new checkout.

Same as Vincent, I didn't exactly know where the trouble lies...
although I did find this nice explanation in a response to someone
with a similar problem:

"The reason has *always* been because of a messed up wcprop
cache. It's becoming a FAQ at this point.
How it works: when you checkout a file, ra_dav stores a url cache
which uniquely identifies the created-rev/path pair. Later, when you
update the file, ra_dav asks mod_dav_svn for a binary diff against
that specific cached url."

And as one of the possible solutions, other than checking out anew:

"1. the immediate solution is to just cd into .svn/wcprops in the
    offending directory, and delete everything. The caches will be
    rebuilt as necessary."



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