Vincent Hennebert schrieb:
> Hi Max,
> Some general comments. Basically I agree with Andreas and think this
> would be a good addition.
> Your idea of using manifest.xml looks fine. A quick Google search didn't
> give me any result regarding a standard way of bundling fonts with Java
> apps. It looks like you did also search for that before going with the
> manifest.xml approach. Can you just confirm? We wouldn't like to miss
> any pure Java standard way.

I could not find one. Aamof, I could not find any standard way to
include resources in the classpath, and unfortunately the classloader
does not have any notion of "directory listing".

I have, however, missed the most obvious format: the META-INF/MANIFEST
file [1]. It can also contain information about the enclosed files and
its attributes, in pairs such as:

Name: somefont.ttf
Content-Type: application/x-font

Also, this format is already implemented [2].


I personally prefer the syntax of the manifest.xml file, however for
standards compliance I now think the plain MANIFEST file would be a
better solution.

> Doing the job in XML Graphics Commons would be good, as the font library
> should ultimately rely there. But I'm not sure if this will be easy to
> do without moving the whole font stuff now. If that causes you any
> problem stay in the FOP codebase.

My idea was to have a method simliar to this in commons:

List getResourcesOfMimeType(String mimetype)

where List would be a List<URL>

And in FOP:

Font autodetection would then be changed to use URLs instead of Files
(can handle both files found on disk and in Jars, and avoids loading the
whole file content), and then simply adding the resources of the known
font type to the autoconfig list should do the trick.


Max Berger

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