On Tue, Sep 25, 2007 at 09:19:47AM +0100, Chris Bowditch wrote:
> Simon Pepping wrote:
> In a word: WOW!
> And I thought you had stopped following the FOP project! How wrong was I!

In a sense that is true. During summer I followed FOP only
superficially and did not do any work on this branch. But I decided
that I do like to work on a challenging piece of code, and I resumed
the work. It will still be the case that I will concentrate on this
feature, and will not much participate in FOP's other activities.

>> The page breaker can implement both the total fit strategy for a page
>> sequence and the best fit strategy for one page (or a range of
>> pages). The latter strategy allows one to have different widths for
>> different pages.
> I am curious to know how this works. So if I want to allow changing IPD in 
> a page-sequence, I specify a property on the page-sequence to indicate 
> best-fit instead of total-fit?

Not so fast. I claim that my reorganization of the code will set the
stage for such a feature. The feature itself will still have to be
implemented. At that point it can be decided how one may use it. One
possibility would be a command line option or equivalent programmatic
configuration option. Another one would be that FOP scans the page
sequences for variable page widths, in which case the pagebreaker
would automatically switch to best fit for one page.

One piece that is definitely missing, is the ability of the layout
engine to reset itself to the start of the next page after it has
shipped a page.

> Plently still to do then. Keep up the good work!

It is my plan to bring this branch to its goal. But time is limited,
and the energy and inspiration are not always there, like past summer.


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