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Hi Andreas,

That is not DISagreeing with me, I think (almost on the contrary). I did not mean total-fit in the sense of the implementation of the algorithm, but total-fit as to the end-result: as such, a total-fit result may precisely require a breaking-up into many smaller best- fits. A total-fit result may just be much more difficult to accomplish with a total-fit algorithm, than by a succession of best- fit loops, interrupted and resumed at regular intervals.

Hmm. I tend to agree with Simon's perspective here. The terms "total-fit" and "best-fit" refer to the implementation of the algorithms. Surely the end result of the total-fit algorithm is the same thing as the algorithm itself? The user expectation of total-fit may well be what you describe, but I'm not sure how it could be achieved using the algorithms themselves.

What I meant was (in reply to Chris' question):
If the layout-master-set is such that the region-body width changes from one page to the next, I would not expect end-users to additionally have to fiddle with extension-properties to make FOP behave as one would generally expect... /That/ is simply native XSL- FO compliance to me.

That would be ideal :-)

However, I fear that would be too difficult to achieve. OTOH, my understanding of Layout is not good enough to be certain.



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