Hi people

I've recently (finally) started looking at implementing fo:inline- container, and got to my first promising results, so just thought I'd share, should there be any interested parties.

OTOH, I've also run into a few obstacles I'm unsure how to deal with, so...

The rough InlineContainerLayoutManager implementation I have now still descends from LeafNodeLayoutManager. No idea if that's going to be enough in the long run, but for now I did manage to get some simple examples working without changing this.

The generation of the element list is no particular problem. Basically the same as blocks in an fo:inline, only slightly simpler because the inline-container can /only/ contain block-sequences, and as such there is no need to worry about closing any open paragraphs. So far I only got it working for a sequence of one or more fo:blocks, though. The sequences returned for an fo:table or an fo:list-block seem to confuse the LineBreakingAlgorithm for the containing Block once the inline table/list contains more than one row/item. Haven't looked too deep into that, but it seems to be something like: the algorithm expects to find a KnuthElement, but finds something else (a KnuthSequence, probably => ClassCastException in BreakingAlgorithm.getElement()).

ATM, in the basic getNextKnuthElements(), little more happens than:

KnuthSequence inlineSequence = new InlineKnuthSequence();
 while (curLM ...) {
   returnedList = curLM.getNextKnuthElements(...);
   KnuthSequence tmpSeq = new BlockKnuthSequence(returnedList);

Qua area-generation, it is set up as a viewport/reference area pair, where the viewport is the same Viewport type used for the images and the reference-area is an InlineBlockParent.
Currently, I still sort of hacked the structure together:
* the reference-area has a single Block child that is used to add the childAreas to * at the end of the addAreas() loop, the viewport's content is set to the reference-area

Maybe it would be slightly better to allow InlineBlockParent to have multiple children, but for now, inserting that dummy Block seemed the least intrusive way of reaching the goal.

Anyways, a small addition to cater for rendering an InlineBlockParent in AbstractRenderer.renderViewport() did the rest.

One of the obstacles I'm running into now, and I'm hoping someone might be able to provide pointers for, is adjusting the line-height. See the attachment, where the inner blocks already appear nicely in position, but the following line still overlaps. :(

It's not ready for a commit yet, but I do hope to get it in a more usable state soon, so we can finally claim support for the XSL-FO equivalent of HTML's IFRAME.



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