On Nov 5, 2007, at 22:30, Jeremias Maerki wrote:

Very cool, Andreas! Actually, I don't see why you shouldn't commit what
you have if it is a step forward an inline-container was basically
unusable before.

Good to know. I have been considering uploading my changes so far, but I'd at least like to take a look at a few other basic scenarios, like borders and reference-orientation, before committing. Probably something for the weekend.

About your question (probably not very helpful): I'm not sure (Manuel is
our baseline master) but why don't you take a look at
AbstractGraphicsLayoutManager? external-graphic and i-f-o both generate
a viewport/reference pair. I suspect that you simply have to provide a
makeAlignmentContext(LayoutContext) method. Figuring out the right
values there (given the baseline instructions for i-c) is another story,
I guess. But one step at a time...

Yep, that seems to be it.

Thanks for the hint. More to follow soon.



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