Andreas L Delmelle wrote:

On Nov 14, 2007, at 21:38, Jeremias Maerki wrote:

Hi Jeremias, Chris,


My proposal, incorporating the changes in Jeremias' diff, below.

Thanks for the diff. Unfortunately I have been unsuccessful in applying it after several attempts. First I tried using Tortoise SVN client, then I downloaded GNUWin32 Patch and that fails to apply all but hunk 7. I also asked a colleague working on Linux to try and apply the patch but it fails for him too (although one more hunk is successful)

I guess I could manually make the updates, but I would prefer to work out whats going wrong here to avoid similar problems in the future and to minimize the risk of error.

To sum it up:
Only one CacheCleaner per PropertyCache, and one accompanying thread.
If, after a put(), cleanup seems to be needed *and* the thread is not alive, lock on the cleaner, and start the thread.

If the thread is busy, I guess it suffices to continue, assuming that the hash distribution should eventually lead some put() back to same bucket/segment...?

As Jeremias noted, currently rehash is called for every time an attempt to clean up fails. Maybe this needs improvement... OTOH, rehash now becomes a bit simpler, since it does not need to take into account interfering cleaners. Only one remaining: is now synchronized on the cleaner, and rehash() itself is done within the cleaner thread.

What I see as a possible issue though, is that there is a theoretical limit to rehash() having any effect whatsoever. If the cache grows to 64 buckets, then the maximum number of segments that exceed the threshold can never be greater than half the table-size... This might be a non-issue, as this would only be triggered if the cache's size is at least 2048 instances (not counting the elements in the buckets that don't exceed the threshold). No problem for enums, keeps. Strings and numbers, though?

2048 doesn't sound good enough as a maximum number of instances if Strings and integers are included. Why can't this number be increased by having more buckets and/or segments?



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