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On 15.11.2007 19:48:06 mckacl wrote:
> Hello,
> I have taken responsibility for the FOP implementation at my company. 
> Unfortunately, in the past the framework was directly customized for our
> product requirements. 
> We are upgrading to the current versin of FOP, and going forward we will not
> directly customize the framework and hope to use extensions.  I have two
> enhancements I need assistance with.
> 1. fo:block-container "overflow-to"  attribute was added.  Basically, if
> text does not fit in the block the overflow is added to another
> fo:block-container.  The overflow block may be on any page.

I can only guess what exactly the use-case is here, so can you please
check that this is not something that could be covered by XSL 1.1
flow-map functionality? We don't support that, yet, but I think it's
important to check that we don't create proprietary extensions for
something that is actually available in the standard.

What's the value for overflow-to? The id of another block-container?
What's the content of the other block-container? Is this normally used
for absolutely positioned block-containers? Maybe you could post an
example of a PDF that uses this feature? That would be helpful.

> 2. fo:block-container "smallest-font-size"  attribute was added.  If text
> cannot fit within the block, the font-size is reduced until it fits or the
> smallest-font-size is reached.  In addition, the block supports the
> overflow-to attribute.

What's the behaviour if descendants of the block-container override the

We've discussed another extension some time ago that might cover the
same functionality: http://wiki.apache.org/xmlgraphics-fop/WhitespaceManagement

Can you take a look and see if this would also cover your requirement?
I mean, this wouldn't allow proportional down-scaling of the content,
but actually just present alternatives. This extension was proposed as a
means to fill free space on a page with advertisements or other info for
the customer. In your case, you'd simply generate the content, say, 3
times with different font sizes. I'm not saying your idea is bad. I'm
just trying to find the minimal set of necessary extensions so that FOP
doesn't get much more complicated than it is already. FO without any
extensions is already a brain-wrecker.

What I can't tell, yet, is how this alternative would impact your
overflow-to feature.

> My company is in the health-care industry so the overflow is extremely
> important for patient instructions and warnings.
> Let me know if you think these enhancements are suitable for extensions, or
> if some other means is appropriate.
> Thanks,
> Andrew
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