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> Hello,
> I have taken responsibility for the FOP implementation at my company. 
> Unfortunately, in the past the framework was directly 
> customized for our
> product requirements. 
> We are upgrading to the current versin of FOP, and going 
> forward we will not
> directly customize the framework and hope to use extensions.  
> I have two
> enhancements I need assistance with.
> 1. fo:block-container "overflow-to"  attribute was added.  
> Basically, if
> text does not fit in the block the overflow is added to another
> fo:block-container.  The overflow block may be on any page.

That remember me the flow mapping concept in FO-REC 1.1 ( - Two flows 
mapping into their own regions).
Very interesting enhencement that could stay compliant with this REC.

> 2. fo:block-container "smallest-font-size"  attribute was 
> added.  If text
> cannot fit within the block, the font-size is reduced until 
> it fits or the
> smallest-font-size is reached.  In addition, the block supports the
> overflow-to attribute.
> My company is in the health-care industry so the overflow is extremely
> important for patient instructions and warnings.
> Let me know if you think these enhancements are suitable for 
> extensions, or
> if some other means is appropriate.
> Thanks,
> Andrew


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